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First off, Part 2 on the HEART of the NORTH will be posted next week. But I am looking ahead on a new project. It may take me several months to complete...a real "rabbit hole".

It took my friend, Kevin Askeland, a long time to do the research. When he was working on it he asked me if Wisconsin had any contributions to the lists. I could only supply the stats for Delafield St. John's. Yes, I had season-by-season records of Green Bay East and Green Bay West, but they wouldn't have made his top-ten for each decade. At the time, 2021, I only had All-Time records of such schools as Milwaukee Marquette, Platteville, Darlington, Waunakee, Peshtigo and many others. In truth, St. John's, by my calculations would be the only Wisconsin to make this national list that Kevin Askeland was making. Most of the schools higher on the Wisconsin All-Time wins list didn't pass St. Johns up until the 1970's. or 1980's.

Now, I want to make a Wisconsin list of teams with the most wins through the decades. A list of the state's top-10. I now have season-by-season records of Marquette and info from several other schools BUT I need more. If you have access to season-by-season records or records by the decades...pre-1900, 1911-1920, 1921-1930 etc. Please send them to me:

Schools like Superior, La Crosse Central, Eau Claire Memorial, Wausau (Before the split and becoming East and West), Waunakee, Marinette, Oshkosh, Edgerton, Watertown, to name some schools who might have a chance to make the lists, but I have no overall season-by-season records.

Any help would be appreciated. If you have questions, feel free to write me. Thanks. Kevin

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