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About Me

My name is Kevin Patrowsky.

Since 1969 I have collected game, season and career high school football stats for whatever state I was living in. First, when I attended Arizona State (1970-74), then in Wisconsin (1974-1986), then in Louisiana (1986-1992) and then back to Wisconsin since 1993. It was in 1995 that the Milwaukee Journal was looking for state football records. I responded with 48 pages of hand-written notebook records that I had accumulated. After a story featuring me was printed in the Journal, I began to get inquiries from around the state as to “Is this a record?” or “How do I submit information on what I think is a record?” or “How do you determine what to put in your record book/file?”


Over decades, this accumulated knowledge has developed into the state record book featured here and on the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association website. I have fielded many questions over the years and taken additions or corrections to my record book. I was sent, at one time, video tape for games where a record was supposedly set to look it over and confirm the feat. I rely on info sent by coaches, what I find in newspapers and what I trust online to be accurate. Accuracy in any source can be suspect so I must make a determination with the best information available before inserting it into the record book. I have spent countless hours in many libraries around the state but mostly at the State Historical Society in Madison and at the Milwaukee Public Libraries.


This website is dedicated to recording the history of Wisconsin high school football through maintaining the state record book and supplementing the research I performed in compiling my book, The Great Teams: A History of Wisconsin High School Football.

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